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'Smart Glass' Conservatory Glass & Glazing Options

When considering a conservatory, most people think about the size, the style, the colour and the detailing but then pay little attention to the glazing. For conservatories that will receive lots of sunlight, we have optional Celsius performance glass that will keep your conservatory cool in summer whilst reducing heat loss in winter. 


‘SMART GLASS’ Conservatory Glass

SMARTGLASS is the industry’s first dedicated range of glass for conservatory frames

The key property of this product is the fact that it is designed to vastly reduce the impact of solar heat gain, a characteristic certainly not welcomed in any conservatory environment.

The recently launched SMARTGLASS is the industry’s first automatically self-tinting, glass technology to help reduce heat and glare during hot periods and maintain heat and light during cold ones.


Other Conservatory Glazing

Celsius Performance Glass

We offer Celsius Blue, Celsius Plus and Celsius Clear glass for improved properties, including:
• Improved aesthetics
• Long life
• 'Easy clean' glass washes dirt and grime away
• 'Smart' glass keeps conservatories temperate
• Blue glass reduces glare
• Dramatically increased sound insulation

Polycarbonate Roofs

25mm Polycarbonate
Benefits include:
• Most popular material
• Highly affordable
• Can survive prolonged temperatures from -20c to 100c
• Clear, Opal, Bronze and Bronze/Opal
• Special coating for surface protection
• 'Solar Control' polycarbonate for temperature control

Please contact us to find out more about our conservatory glazing options.

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