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UPVC Conservatories

Conservatories Designed, Built and Installed

One of the great things about a UPVC conservatory from Bill Butters is the amount of creative freedom you enjoy. Once you've opted for your preferred style, you can then tailor several other design features to create a room that's perfect for you, your family and the lifestyle you want to lead.

Our conservatories are all double glazed with PVC-u frames. As well as being the most affordable material for conservatory installations, with PVC-u you will also benefit from years of hassle-free maintenance.

We help you choose the ideal conservatory to complement any home or garden. In your free, no-obligation consultation, a member of our team can also advise you on additional considerations such as size and shape, position, glass options and ventilation.

Contact us for a quote for your conservatory or read more about the options below.

We manufacture the following range of conservatory roofs using the Wendland roof system. Download the brochure here.

Victorian Conservatories

Classic Victorian-styled conservatories add a round-ended room onto your property, with a slightly elevated roof spanning around like an umbrella. Our PVC-u Victorian conservatories have ornate detailing along the centre of the roof.

Victorian style conservatory

Georgian & Edwardian Conservatories

Georgian conservatories, also known as Edwardian conservatories, are similar to Victorian conservatories but square or rectangular. The roof is also elevated into a point, giving an angular appearance with clean lines.

Gable Conservatories

Gable conservatories are also rectangular; however, the front elevation windows extend to meet the roof's apex to create a triangular front.



Combination conservatories offer you an increased flexibility by combining a variety of styles, or by adapting an existing style so that it can be used in the shape of a 'P', a 'T' or a 'B'. Mix and match aspects of different styles that you like to create your own unique conservatory!


Colour is becoming increasingly popular among property owners as standard white is not to everybody's taste. More and more people are opting for coloured products to achieve a modern and professional look. 

Our conservatories are available in a range of colours and wood grain effects. The wood grain finish has the aesthetic appeal of timber but without the associated maintenance - such as the need for regular painting or rot proofing. We can also spray your roof to match whatever RAL colour you like!

Decorative Trims

The perfect way to personalise your new conservatory, choose from a range of decorative trims for the beams on the inside of your conservatory roof. These trims slide neatly and effortlessly into place and can even be changed whenever you desire. You can also include decorative corner trims for the perfect finishing touch. There are five designs available:

  • Plain
  • Rope
  • Egg & Dart
  • Greek Key
  • Floral

Contact us to find out more about our UPVC conservatories and the options available.

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